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Check Before Buying A Used Diesel Engine – Guide

Got a couple questions on what to look for when you’re buying a used engine there’s a lot of conversion stuff going on and these old Dodge trucks make perfect platforms for a running engine transmission to go put whatever you want. To redo a truck like this, this one just rolled in the driveway we’re actually taking this cabin body off and putting a 50 student bigger truck on top of it and it’s already bought and paid for but we’ll go over the truck a little bit just to see what to look for number one thing is to see whether it starts and runs no try to check out these dogs.

And nothing else works any turn signals it’s already been at the record and I think people certain the strip parts of it but it does barely know that’s the battery and started but it runs good solid good. What you want to look for is the blow by two but the very back of the engine already it’s a hard class don’t want to see any smoke coming out of here if you can’t find the blow-by to poke your head underneath the vehicle for any diesel engine. On top taking down ring pressurizing an oil can that means that the owners of war and your rings the war and range is going be sloppy not going to have the power that is supposed to have will be due for rebuild another way to check that. And open up well coming out in here this one I don’t very nicely a break also wrapped up well it’s for any noises kings anything out of the ordinary and if you do anything that worries you think of it as worst cases.

Another thing to check real quick if the order will let you just pull the valve cover these Dodgers have a reusable valve cover and they’re super easy to get off just take the little 15 millimeter socket with you or wrench just take the cap off and what we want to see is nice and clean. We want to see a little bit of a little bit of oil in there knowing that everything is lubricated and we don’t want to see any sludge.

White buildup of grime dirt anything that is foreign to the engine that looks really clean under there so that’s the a good start now diesels because of the low rpms and the vibrations tend to leak you’re not going to get away from that build up like this is all normal. This is 250,000 k on this engine probably never been washed nothing to be worried about what does concern you is if you see a run if you see a clean street if you build up like this and then you see a clean spot like this in the middle that means you’ve got a steady run where the oil is coming down. That was actually on our other parts truck where the time and cover was cracked you can see it with the oil was running down underneath the pump from the timing gear and that was worrisome and I missed that also two very quickly with the 716 is deep socket pulling off your intake hose. And you want to grab the turbo and just wiggle it up and down and make sure there’s no play in there see that I would not recommend leaving this turbo.

This turbo needs a rebuild so luckily I’ve got four or five of them laying in the shop that we can put on their diesels have to turn over fast to fire because it’s compression ignition it’s not like a spark plug where if you can get a little allowance of juice left of fire spark plug. It will run you need that compression you need to be able to take that air and quickly compress it get hot spring fuel in there in light of the fact that this was turning over slow and still fired means a very confident in this engine so the engines are goodbye and paint a thousand bucks. For this is worth with any day of the week I think we are selling his body off of it I think the cab is spoken for and I think the flares are going to go on or 85 project but if you need anything else let me know and if you guys want to know anything else.

I love you have to share what I know on buying a car use card tractor chainsaw bicycle if you want some help or advice shooting a question I’d be happy to help you guys out here we go to follow Friday X and conversions and repairs to end Ferrari cities. Too much about engine, you can also get unlimited diamonds from a generator for Hay Day.